"One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life, that word is Love."

~ Socrates ~



LOVE’S BLISS Studio is client tailored, creative photographic design catering to the bride who rejects all trends and fads for her own confident sense of style.

When you walk into your wedding reception, you can’t help but turn heads. Not because of what you’re wearing, but how you wear it.

As your couture design wedding photography studio, we see ourselves more as your personal designers and creators, not just photographers. We work with your wedding theme and style and do our best to capture it as uniquely as possible.

While others chase after the latest fad or style in the wedding magazines, we create a style that is our own and will stand the test of time.

Classy. Confident. Stylish.

We aim to bring a little Bogart & Bacall back to the wedding industry.

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Our Style & Approach

Your wedding will be photographed using two classic art standards.

Iconic design portraiture.

Authentic documentary photojournalism.

It’s not easy to pose people to look stylish and make it a fun and relaxed experience. We pride ourselves on being the only studio who has truly mastered the art of the stylish photograph.

Add in our incredible documentary approach to telling your wedding story, it all adds up to a photographic record that is hard to duplicate for another bride.

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More Than Just Digital Files

Your wedding deserves more than Instagram likes.

Capturing your personal style is the only reason to hire us as your wedding photographer.

As a true couture studio, we can tailor an album to your wedding theme, colour and style or create that truly, buzz worthy custom framed print to add the final touch to your home decor.

Our custom tailored approach to prints and albums means your wedding won’t be crammed into an off-the-shelf, high volume product.


We would be honoured to be chosen to photograph your wedding.

Collections start at $1999 with full day coverage from $3999.

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Become A Client

Love’s Bliss Studio appreciates the time you have taken to review our studio and work.

We treat each wedding as if it was our first and look forward to creating our very best work for your special day.

We would love to hear all about your wedding day plans and discuss how we as your creative photographic partner can capture your vision in timeless photographs.

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