Simply Beautiful Wedding Photography For The Stylish & Fashionable Bride

Classy. Confident. Stylish.

LOVE’S BLISS Studio was started to fill a gap in the wedding photography market - to serve the stylish and fashionable, classy and classic bride and groom.

Not everyone sees themselves as an adventure hipster. Neither is fine art or 'natural' good enough to meet the standards of the couple who wants photographs that truly stand out.

Our couture design approach to the wedding photography industry is a return to classic and long lasting standards of quality and customer service. A couture studio means you will be hiring a photographer that wants to become your partner, not just another vendor line item in your budget.

What a couture wedding photography partner means is that we are a professional first and foremost, one who is dedicated to delivering a custom tailored physical end product.

While our competitors will be making grand overtures to become your best friend and then hand you a USB drive and be finished with you, we believe we can be that best friend by first being a professional you can rely on to deliver creative and well designed photographs and products. Be it a custom framed print or a bespoke wedding album, all couples get more than just digital files. The digital revolution turned the wedding industry upside down. But in the process, couples now assume that paying thousands of dollars for 1's & 0's is somehow "good value" for their money.

You are hiring us to give you more than just stunning photographs of your wedding day.

You are hiring us to create, physically, the real world memories you will pass on to both past and future generations.

You are hiring us to bring back a little bit of class and style to an industry saturated with a very corporate approach to making your wedding look good for magazines and Instagram lifestyles instead of grandma and grandpa.

You are hiring us... to be the bride that stands out from the crowd.

We look forward to surpassing your expectations.

Contact us today to begin your Love's Bliss Studio couture experience.

Curtis Carlson ~ Principle Photographer

Starting out under his own name in 2005, Curtis rebranded his Winnipeg wedding photography business to Love's Bliss. This name better reflects why he is a wedding photographer - love is bliss for those that find it and hold on to it. His style is unique in the industry with a focus on fashionable and stylish portraiture and authentic photojournalism. He looks forward to the day he shoots his 100th wedding with childish glee. To view Curtis' personal work, please see his new website at