Behind A Fashion Wedding Shoot - Model Photo Movement

How do you create a fashionable wedding photograph?

Good question.

The answer is - model photo movement.

Many wedding photographers are a little scared to get a bride moving on a wedding shoot.

It's a lot easier to setup a shot in natural light that is static, well composed and required in order to have a complete set of those traditional "must have" shots for a bride to choose from.

Playing with movement to create a feeling of aliveness and energy in a bridal photo shoot is what we specialize in.

The above series of images of the beautiful Ashley all lead up to the peak action shot we were hoping for.

Alive. Happy. Full of life and soul.

This is what makes a beautiful wedding photograph fashionable.

Getting the bride to spin was not hard. Curtis Carlson, the principle photographer at Love's Bliss, is a dancer himself who has photographed flamenco dancers for Bolero Dance Theatre in Winnipeg.

As you can see in this shot, Curtis had Ashley not only spin, but play with her dress in the way flamenco dancers do.

The real key to this shot is getting the timing just right.

In natural light without studio strobes to freeze action, shot wide open at f2.8 with a long lens, this is very, very very difficult to achieve.

You have to have a good intuitive sense of timing. You have to be able to predict just when the height of the action will take place.

Curtis asked Ashley to use what dancer's call spot focusing - to turn her head in advance to focus on my camera lens with every spin and stare right into it with a big smile.

But we must admit, we were not the ones to invent movement in fashion photography.

Incorporating movement into fashion photography was pioneered by the late Richard Avedon in the 1940s and 50s.

You can feel a great sense of freedom and aliveness in Richard's fashion work.

This is what inspires us on your wedding day.

We always strive for a very natural and authentic feel in all of our wedding photographs. Adding fashion model photo movement is a natural fit for our always evolving style of Winnipeg wedding photography.

A fashion approach to your wedding is something new to Winnipeg.

Almost no one else does it that we can see.

It takes a keener sense of imagination and vision to create a fashion shoot for your wedding.

We believe Love's Bliss is the best wedding photographer studio in Winnipeg capable of creating a fashionable and beautiful look for your wedding.

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