Designing A Fashionable Couture Wedding Photograph

Can your wedding photographer design a photograph?

What does it mean to design a photograph?

If you have not asked yourself these questions as a bride, here is a chance to learn what a creative couture design wedding photographer can do for your wedding.

There are two key elements needed for a photograph to qualify as being well designed.

1) Positioning elements within the frame to give it life, movement and depth.

2) Engaging the personalities of the people in front of your camera lens.

Change up your camera angle or position your subject in some other way than flat horizontal, smack dab in the middle of the frame. Make them human. Make them look and feel alive.

Here is a perfect example of how to transform a boring location (old school gas pumps) into a well designed couture fashion style photoshoot on your wedding day.

Ok, there is a lot going on in this photograph so let's break down this image visually together.

  • Facial expressions that have life and personality.
  • The guys are standing naturally, but stylishly, and you get a good sense of their individual personalities.
  • The girls are positioned in a way that creates depth from front to back in the image for the eye to navigate and engage the viewer at a deeper level than just a simple glance.
  • The bride and groom are composed as part of the group, but still separate, distinct and prominent.
  • Everyone is positioned in there own unique way, adding variety and energy to the photo.
  • Great use of location and context.

Many wedding photographers today got started because of digital. They bought a camera and just started shooting. Very few have taken the time to really study what makes good photographic design, formally or on their own time.

It is this lack of a design background that has seen the growing trend in wedding photography to be very flat, horizontal and subject-centered, with a heavy emphasis on digital filters and pre-set "looks" to give them the appearance of professionalism.

But the appearance of design does not replace actual knowledge and ability. Good photographic design is what a photographer does within the frame that shows the depth of his creative skills.

How a photographer captures your wedding day photos in camera, before he even looks at the digital files, is what makes or breaks good photographic design.

I credit my background in studying art and illustration, learning how to draw the human form, and the study of storytelling in movies, comics and graphic novels that has given me the unique talent to capture truly well designed and creative photographs of your wedding.

A lot of wedding photographers today, even some very high paid and popular ones, just don't know what to do with people in front of a camera. The safest thing for them to try is to just keep it simple and make everything nice and square and perfect looking.

If you want truly couture fashion, creatively designed photoshoots like this one for your wedding day...

Hire a wedding photographer with some photographic design skills (while on the run, turned 90 degrees at the waist, with a fish eye lens over a bridge!). The kind that must be created in camera, not on the computer.

As you consider who will be your wedding photographer, ask yourself...

Can your wedding photographer design a photograph?

Contact us to learn more about our creative design approach to your wedding day.