Jeff & Ashley - A Red Romance

This wedding comes courtesy of Jeff & Ashley. Two awesome individuals whose love of life is on clear display in this 100% DIY wedding.

That's right. Ashley planned and co-ordinated the entire wedding herself. And on a pretty respectable budget as well.

The only thing she had to outsource completely (i.e. something she literally could not create herself) was the table linens and reception lighting (obviously, but you get the idea - if she could do it herself, she did).

Passionate minds think alike. Red is also a favorite colour in my life and Ashely went with an incredible deep red theme for her wedding. From flowers to tables, everything was dripping with red.

The lighting at the reception was also something I had never seen before for this level of budget. Combined with the ceiling drapes and the light gels, it made for quite an impressive reception venue. The lighting is the main reason why I choose to leave all the reception shots below in their full colour glory.

This wedding shows you WHY light is so important to photographers.

With well designed lighting cues at your wedding reception, you can do with a lot less in terms of "stuff" to make your reception look spectacular in photographs.

Light - adds character and mood to a big room.

Light - brings a strong emotional element to your reception that can't be replaced by a flower centre piece or other details.

Light - is subtle, but very strong in the subconscious.

If you want to create a real mood and atmosphere at your reception, consider how you will light the room you will be in and not just what goes inside it.

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