Love’s Bliss Available Only To Exclusive Select Brides

With the 2018 Wonderful Wedding show now well past and spring on the way, I wanted to give an update to brides considering Love's Bliss Studio as to availability and the future.

The 2018 show in Winnipeg was both a success and failure.

Success - Nothing but compliments and "Wow!" for the booth. I think we were the most professional presentation at the show and some of the feedback I got from both brides in attendance and other vendors confirmed this for me.

Failure - No bookings.

Unlike other photographers, Love's Bliss Studio is a straight shooter. Wedding photography is now one of the most difficult and hardest markets of the economy to both start and sustain a business. I knew this going in having already been in the industry for 10 years from 2005 to 2015.

Why did we not book?

In a word - price.

Love's Bliss studio is not a cheap wedding photography choice. We don't do digital files only. We do give every bride a physical record, either prints or an album, for her wedding day. We pay our second photographers a fair wage and encourage their professional growth as photographers. This comes at a cost and the bottom line is, we simply cannot match the lower priced studios in the market throwing everything and the kitchen sink into securing bookings.

In a second word - style.

Classy. Confident. Stylish. These are now bygone values and attitudes in an age where all beliefs are relative and nothing is considered serious or sacred anymore. The trending style in the marketplace - adventure hipster/fine art - is a wonderful choice for the mass market bride. It's popular, it's trendy, it sells like hotcakes. It's not our thing, but we respect those that do it and brides who want it. That just means we will have to either try harder or just wait for the tide and the trend to turn back to old school cool with a fashion twist. We think it will. That's why we are not going anywhere.

Add up these two words - price and style - and the sum totals a lack of fit with the current wedding industry dynamics and marketplace. It was inevitable that our studio would not fit the mold for the typical bride.

We are open and available to photograph any bride who loves our style and wants to work with us as a partner.

Another reason we will be exclusive. We do not put your wedding on a treadmill. We don't have an assembly line for your album or prints. We are looking for brides that truly want to partner with an exclusive, and fashion oriented, wedding photogarpher that wants to bring a higher end level of product and costumer service. That is one thing to say, another to follow up, but Love's Bliss is not afraid to back up what we claim to be as our goal.

To become the # 1 sought after wedding photography studio in Winnipeg and the world.

Will you be the first bride to experience the Love's Bliss treatment?

Let curiosity get the best of you. Drop us a line. Let's sit down to chat and see if what we have to offer you blows our competition out of the water.